TEICHI - Bringing TEI Lite to Drupal

Bringing TEI Lite to Drupal

The TEICHI Framework is a modular tool for displaying documents encoded according to the guidelines of the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI Lite P5) as pages in a Drupal-based website. The framework's name brings together the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) and Computer-Human Interaction (CHI).



The framework currently consists of four modules: TEI Content, TEI Download, TEI Imageviewer, and TEI Search. Together, these modules provide a means of easily displaying documents encoded in TEI Lite online, of downloading them in various forms for further use, of displaying corresponding, high-resolution digital facsimiles, and of searching in the texts, all inside Drupal's powerful and flexible environment. For more details, see the list of features and the documentation.


TEICHI in theory and practice

For a scholarly digital edition using the TEICHI framework, see the edition of Bérardier de Bataut's Essai sur le récit at www.berardier.org. For some materials on the technical implementation, see our further readings section. Ready? Then have a look at the downloads page.