Feel free to contact us with questions about the TEICHI Framework. Just write to teichi[at]mail[dot]com. We will be glad to help!

You can also submit bugs and feature requests in the Issue section of the Github code repository for teichi. If you are a developer and wish to help us out, the repository is also a good place to start!



  • Project management: Christof Schöch, University of Würzburg & Lutz Wegner, University of Kassel.
  • Lead development: Sebastian Pape, Stefan Achler, Institut für praktische Informatik, University of Kassel.
  • Coders: Mohammed Abuhaish (TEI Content, TEI Download), Dmitrij Funker (TEI Content, TEI Search), Roman Kominek (TEI Content, TEI Download), Stefan Achler (TEI Imageviewer, TEI Content), Institut für praktische Informatik, University of Kassel.



  • 03/2012: Stable version for Drupal 6.
  • 01/2011: Migration to Drupal 7 and Module TEI Content.
  • 02/2011: Module TEI Download.
  • 04/2011: Module TEI Content with enlarged tagset.
  • 02/2012: Module TEI Imageviewer working.
  • near future: Schema and Stylesheet for TEI Lite
  • further down the road: new TEI Editor module, improved TEI Search module.
  • goal: provisionally definitive version 1.0 of TEICHI.



The TEICHI Framework, more particularly part of the TEI Content module, builds on previous work done by Weam Abu Zaki on the XML Content module for Drupal (see