Requirements and compatibility

TEI Content relies on XSLT, CSS and JavaScript. Text encoding needs to be done in TEI Lite (P5). MySQL 5.0.15 or higher including libxslt is required. TEI Content does not rely on any other contributed modules, but the Drupal core book module needs to be enabled. The TEI Download module requires PHP's Zip extension to be enabled on the server.

The modules are tested with and work for Firefox (3.6 to 12), Chrome (8.0 to 13.0), and Internet Explorer (8.0). The modules are currently known to be compatible with Drupal's Garland and Bartik themes.

Please note: The modules published here are still experimental. They have not been approved by the Drupal community yet. Once they are, they will be downloadable from the official module repository.



The installation follows the standard procedure for modules in Drupal 7. Please consult the relevant Drupal documentation ( Once the TEI Content module has been activated, an entry appears towards the bottom of the list of modules in the "Module" section of the Administration menu. The appropriate entry will then show a "Preferences" link. When the module is activated, a new content type is automatically created. It is called "teichi" and its settings can be modified in the "Configuration" > "Text formats" section of the Administration page. There, click on "configure" in the "teichi" entry and activate the text format for all three roles of users (anonymous, authenticated, administrator). You should also activate the text format for those of Drupal's menus that you may wish to use. For TEI Search, run a cron job after installing the module and after uploading new files or modifying existing files to your TEICHI project so that they will be indexed.

All further issues are adressed in the Documentation.



Latest versions


Older versions (for documentation only)


Code repository and issue tracker

  • See the Github repository for teichi



  • All modules are published under a GNU General Public License, version 2 or later, as is required by Drupal.